Strong Points

With a rhythmed day, decent density of both wild boars and deers and a low hunting pressure, results are guaranteed at the end of your trip!

Hunting Period

End-October to January


Starting at €3100
for a 4 days – 5 nights
Flat rate price


Priority on wild boar even if deer’s density is important


Wild Boars, Stags, Does, Fawns, few Roe Deers 

Gorgeous driven hunt with multiple session through the day

Territories with low hunting pressure during the year


With a rhythmed day, decent density of both wild boars and deers and a low hunting pressure, results are guaranteed at the end of your trip!

Your Trip

Main Information

Additionnal Information

Your Hunting Area

All of our driven hunts are organized in the North-West part of Poland, along the German border. 

Well organized and local territories with a low hunting pressure throughout the year, especially driven hunts, which guarantees results as well as a nice hunting experience. 

Our territories have various environments: woodland but also marshes, ideal for european big game. 

Generally, we only organize a couple days on the same territory, this is in order to have the best preparation with our guides as well as having various hunting experiences.. You will hunt on two to three different territories during your trip. 

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful zones for driven hunt in Poland!

Your Trip

On average 4 to 5 hunting days depending on the time of the year and your availabilities. On multiple different territories but same accommodation. 

Typical day: Quick breakfast at 7am – Last Q&A, warnings and informations – Non-stop hunting, numerous different sessions during the day with a quick lunch at noon. Final results at night. Friendly dinner after the hunt.

Our Pricing

Average trip, 4 hunting days – 5 nights. Flat rate per hunter. Price per hunter: €3100 

Are included: 4 days of hunt, guides, trackers, hounds, transportation accommodation – hunting grounds, lunch on location, accommodation for 5 nights, double or single bedrooms, full pension (without beverages), translator, hunting license, insurance and all boars shot without tax (female not recommended), quota on stags, does, fawns, roe deers.

Hunted Game and Trophies

Priority is always on boar, emblematic game of Polish hunts. We heard multiple rumors concerning illness and diseases. On our territories, animals are taken care of and you will be able to observe lots of different boars. 

Females as well as younglings must be spared, golden rule from driven hunt! 

Deer and most notably stags are the second biggest game. Density is very important as well as the trophy quality. 

Roedeer can also be shot but without any obligation. Don’t forget that buck season is closed this time of the year, punishable by law if shot!


Observers can accompany hunters but also enjoy the various services provided by their accommodation.

Your Accommodation

It will mostly depend on the territory chose as well as your groups. But be assured that we take the best care in choosing quality location in order for you to enjoy the best comfort and rest from the hunt.

Big hunting lodge or hotel, numerous rooms following the increasing demand for single rooms, quality meals… friendliness assured . 

All transportation between accommodation and hunting grounds is included in the flat rate.


During our driven hunt trips, you will be hunting from morning until evening. As a consequence it can be quite hard to talk about tourism.


IIt is always difficult to anticipate driven hunt results… But the previous averages are excellent: 1.5 animal per day per hunter… sometimes much more!

Country Information

Poland is a known destination for hunting, especially for big game. Nature is beautiful, diverse and important. Polish people like to discover new people, visitors and to engage in conversation with them

You will be quite close to the Baltic Sea and the nearest city will be Szeczecin.

Firearms and Equipment

Firearm importation is relatively easy in Poland. We will take care of all administrative procedures. If you decide to bring your own rifle, e will just need copies of your passport or ID, hunting permit, insurance and European Firearm License (if EU). 

To get on location

By plane, the airport you wish to land at would be Berlin, Germany. Once in Berlin, you will be able to rent a car, or we can organize a vehicle transportation for you (not included)

By car, arrival directly at your accommodation, you will drive on highways except the last few kilometers.


1st preparation is included in our price.

However if you have any demand, do not hesitate to ask us or our taxidermist!



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