Strong Points

370,000 acres dedicated to this hunt – An increasing number of Leopard – An exhausting but rewarding hunt – Accommodation with a luxurious hunting lodge

Hunting Period

February to November – even better during June and September


On demand


Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal, Hyena


At the gates of Botswana, on our territory but also others, Cheetah, Caracal, Hyena… a demanding yet amazing hunt!

Success awaits you…


370,000 acres dedicated to this hunt
An increasing number of Leopard
A tracking and stalking hunt
Guides and trackers available 24/7
An exhausting but rewarding hunt
Accommodation with a luxurious hunting lodge

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Your hunting location

With only a 2 hours drive from Windhoek airport, our Namibian friend and partner, owner of the land, will welcome you and will make your trip unforgetable. On a territory of 136,000 acres but also neighboring ones (depending on baits sightings and fresh footprints) you will hunt emblematic felines of Namibia.

With cattle farming occupying a part of the territory, water supplies being numerous as well as the proximity to Botswana…Conditions are ideal for a feline hunt.


Detailed offer on demand, quotes available.

We apply organizational fees and specific license under your name as well as a success fee depending on your results.

Your trip

Our trips are “A la Carte” depending on your own objectives. Depending on the game and the hunt, trip duration might vary.

Count 7/8 days for the Cheetah – 11/12 days for the Leopard.

Hyena and Caracal are hunted at night in addition to the two others.

You will be hunting day and night depending on tracks and sightings. It is hard or even impossible to estimate clearly how a normal day can go.

However we know from experience that even if you will be exhausted, you will go back home with an amazing hunting experience!

Know that our guides and trackers will be available 24/7, on the field with only one goal in mid: your success.

Hunted Game and Trophies

You will hunt the 4 emblematic felines of the country. Namibia is one of the last country allowing this hunt, with a serious and rigorous management.

Unfamiliar to popular opinion, Leopard population is growing fast, unlike the Cheetah. Caracal and Hyena numbers are also growing…


Observers are welcome. they can accompany hunters or enjoy their time at the Lodge, relax by the pool. They can also go on a video/photo trip, walk on the hike roads, or even horse ride around the property…

Or even, on demand, discover natives villages close-by or the Kalahari desert…

Special discounted price for teenagers and kids, for them to discover the wonders of our world!

Your Accommodation

One thing to say: LUXURIOUS.

Spacious bedrooms (single or double), bathrooms, American and European power plugs… Pool to relax next to. High and open living room, enjoyable for every meal, discussions by the fire during the evenings…

Quality food, in volume and quite varied… dinner with your guides and the owners of the territory.

WiFi and phone service working at the Lodge.

Laundry services available at the Lodge… Do not bring too many clothes!


Namibia is a vast and magnificent country. Between its corners, the environment can really change. We strongly advise you to take your time in order to fully discover this amazing place, don’t hesitate to ask us!

However, Windhoek being a recent and economic capital city, there is nothing interesting to visit there…


For nine years and a fully exclusive partnership, each of our hunters have got home with a smile on their faces! They confirm the welcoming of the Lodge, high professionalism of their guides and trackers, and of course of the feline presence…

References available on demand!

Country Information

Namibia is one of the most stable countries on the African continent. You can go wherever you like without a risk.

Even better, no vaccination nor medication needed, even for kids!

Weather is nice. Blue sky, sunny almost permanently. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are reversed: Winter in July-August, Summer in November-December… Don’t hesitate to plan your trip between February and April then September and November!

Firearms and Equipment

No issue in importing your firearm in Namibia. 10 minutes at the customs max… a limit of 60 rounds is authorized. However we also have 5 rifles available at the Lodge.

Clothing-wise: Light gear, hiking shoes, hat or cap, sunglasses, sun cream, sun lip stick and small backpack.

Don’t forget we have a laundry service, don’t bring too much!

To get on location

Numerous flight going to Windhoek.

From Europe, we advise you to leave from Frankfurt (direct night-flight). This will allow you to arrive at the Lodge by late-morning and start hunting the afternoon of the same day.

We will take care of you at your airport arrival, transportation included in our pricing.


You have the choice to have your trophies done in Namibia or we will send them directly to you (and eventually pelts) and your own taxidermist. To discuss with our Namibian partner once on site.



By clicking on the tab below, and answering all our questions, you will receive by email a personalized quote for your hunting trip.



A rigourous selection of our territories

A passionate and professional team

Professional and veteran partners

People listening and taking care of your every needs

A daily following on your trip