Strong Points

Hundred thousands of geese – Small Game during the day – 2 hunters max per hunting stand

Hunting Dates

October to late-January


Starting at €1,825 for 3 days – 4 nights


Geese – Ducks (during the evening) – Hares and pheasants



Ideally located on the migration axis of Eastern Europe, Hungary welcomes hundred thousands of geese every year. Two exclusive territories just for you!


Hundred thousands of geese
Small Game during the day
2 hunters max per hunting stand

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A decade ago, our hungarian friends showed us this hunt… Since then, Hunting Pleasure signed two exclusivity agreements with two territories located directly on the geese migration axis.

The first territory is located 1h30 from Budapest. 32.000 acres of agricultural land and 7500 acres of water (a part from the Tisza Lake). You will be hunting geese and ducks, depending on the period of the year and guards sightings, on water or on land. Opening October 1st .

The second territory is on the Eastern side of the country (2h30 from Budapest). 35.000 acres of farmlands and a dozen of ponds of 120 acres each. Opening November 20th.


Our pricing depends on the number of days as well as the number of hunters composing your group.

From 2 to 6 hunters per group, hunting in pairs.

Example: 3 days – 4 nights all included (hunt organization, nights, full pension, translator, no quota on water game, 1 hare and 1 pheasant per day per hunter): Group of 5/6 hunters: €1,825

Group of 4 hunters: €1,850

 Group of 2 hunters: €1,900€ (price per hunter).

Your trip

We manage, with our two territories, the trips. A la carte with 3 to 5 or 6 days of hunt following your wishes.

However, we take care in leaving our territories without any hunting activity between groups in order to have the desired animal density as well as low hunting pressure. Count 2 to 3 days of rest between hunting groups.

Typical day: Quick breakfast at 5AM . Goose hunting on both land and water depending on the previous sightings, back to the accommodation for a second, larger breakfast. Small game hunting. Lunch around 2PM and second goose hunt during the evening. A full day!

Hunted Game and Trophies

Priority on geese. At the beginning of the season (october-november), majority of greylag geese and beaned geese. Starting mid-november, arrival of thousands of greater white-fronted geese.

Ducks with a majority of mallards then other species during the rest of the season.

We do not apply any quota on both goose and duck. However we want to be reasonable on shootings… 30 to 40 per period is more than reasonable!

During the day, the other advantage of our territories is the possibility to hunt other small game: Hare and Pheasant. Hunting with guides hounds. Pheasant driven hunt possible as well.

As an option, ½ days of roedeer hunting.


Observers are welcome. However, in those two regions of Hungary, there are few touristic areas (Hortobágy).

Followers can then accompany hunters (but immobility is mandatory…) or hike between lakes.

Your Accommodation

Whatever the chosen territory, we have hunting lodges and guest-houses, directly on location. No transportation needed between accommodation and hunting grounds.

Tiszanana location: house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room. High quality, hunting game based meals. Friendliness assured.

Foldes location: Guest house with 4 bedrooms and private bathrooms, spacious living rooms, resting room. 2nd house available with 3 bedrooms for larger groups.

Guides will wait for you at your accommodation.


Budapest, pearl on the Danube River, is the Hungarian capital. This city has a reputation for its beauty but also its thermal bath houses and history. Downtown can be visited on foot. Do not hesitate!


Numerous groups come back regularly, with the shooting average being excellent. Friendliness of our accommodation is really important for our team too as well.

However, success also depends on the weather, hunters dexterity and their movements on the ground, do not forget this!

Country Information

Hungary is a relatively small country, divided in two by the Danube: great plains in the East, hills and woodlands in the West.

Hungary is within the European Union but its currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). You can use a debit/credit card in most cases, but DO NOT change at the airport ( 20% more fees than banks change offices).

Climate is continental, dry and enjoyable even in October. However negative temperature and snow during winter but amazing experience for hunting!

Firearms and Equipment

Firearm importation is easy in Hungary. No demand before departure is needed, you simply need you firearm registration card or government issued permit. If needed we can also rent firearms on location (six semi-automatic shotguns on both territories).

Equipement wise, camo gear is mandatory (marsh type), vest, pants, gloves, ski masks or hats hiding the face. Backpacks, headlamps are necessary too. Do not forget you will be standing at a hunting stand, warm clothes required.

To get on location

By plane, Budapest is the destination. Multiple flights are available from within Europe to go to the Hungarian capital every day.

Low-cost companies WILL NOT allow firearms (except Easy-Jet). The typical flight from Paris to Budapest takes 2 hours.

In Budapest, you will be able to rent a car at the airport or use our shuttle to get you directly on your hunting site (2h30 drive from the airport).


You can leave with meat. Ask your translator at the beginning of your trip. We pack game meat and take care of everything, do not hesitate!



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