Strong Points

Amazing environment – Real animal density – Low hunting pressure – Important results

Hunting dates

November to January


Starting at €1200 (depending on the number of hares and hunters)


Hares, few wild pheasants


In the West part of Romania, next to Hungary, exceptional hare density!


Amazing environment
Real animal density
Low hunting pressure
Important results

Your trip

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Your Hunting Location

In Romania, high density of animals are specific to the Western part of the country alongside the Hungarian border. For many years, Hunting Pleasure has selected territories between Oradea and Arad. Shooting quotas are high while guaranteeing an exceptional environmental management.

The agricultural diversity, numerous fields are perfect to maintain a nice population.


Starting at €1200 (depending on the number of days, number of hunters and shooting quotas)

Your trip

Our trips are “A la carte” depending on your availabilities and wishes.

Typical trip: 2 days – 3 nights

Day 1: Arrival on location by plane or car (Budapest – Hungary or Timisoara – Romania). We will be waiting for you at the airport. Transfer, dinner and night at your accommodation located next to your hunting grounds.

Days 2 to 3 or + : Breakfast at 7AM, transfer to the territory and all-day hunt including a lunch break on location.

You will be walking on plains, slowly, alongside local guides and their hounds. One hunter – one guide and one hound for two hunters allowing the possibility of catching wounded animals. Some of you will be able to “close” the path by being placed at the end of the line. Traditional “chauldron” formation is used in this type of hunt.

At the end of the day, final results. Back to the accommodation.

Last day: After breakfast, departure by car or airport transfer.

Hunted Game and Trophies

Whatever the chosen territory, you will see hundreds of hares every day. Magical! Roedeers are also observable but absolutely forbidden during this trip.

Daily results can easily have between 60 to 100 animals!


Followers are welcome. They can accompany hunters as well as enjoy from Romanian countryside, you also have touristic spots in the area (downtown Oradea or Arad)

Your Accommodation

We will be selecting with you the accommodation. 4-stars hotel , private hotel for your group, or guest-houses. All accommodations are located in proximity to the hunting grounds.

Accommodation to hunting grounds transfers are included.

Full pension, beverages not included, for the whole trip, lunch breaks will take place on hunting grounds.


The region offers a few attractions: downtown Oradea or Arad with its old medieval architecture and buildings…


Hunting Pleasure organizes these Romanian driven hunts for the last 5 years with full-exclusivity on its territories. In order to maximize success, we take a special care in respecting yearly quotas.

5 groups per year, no more!

Country Information

The country is within the European Union for more than a decade however it is not part of the Schengen Area. You will then need a valid passport and an invitation letter (which we will provide) in order to go through the border and import your firearm.

Nature is still very wild and the Carpathian mountains are gorgeous.

Local currency is the Romanian Lei.

Firearms and Equipment

Firearm importation is relatively easy in Romania. Only a few minutes are required at the border with your passport and invitation letter. 300 rounds/shells max allowed per gun. However, we always have firearms on location as well (typical Eastern European 12 caliber).

Shells/rounds available on location as well.

Equipment-wise, bear in mind you will be walking on plains all day long. Mostly nice weather (continental) mid-November and early-December. However prepare all type of clothing…Vehicles will follow you during the hunt and you will be able to store gear or change.

To get on location

By car, approximately 1600 kms from Western Europe. Only highways except for the last few kilometers.

By plane, you will have the choice between two airports: Budapest in Hungary (mostly without any transfer if from Europe) or Timisoara in Romania (transfer mandatory). We will be waiting for you at the airport.


No real interest for this kind of trip. However if you do come by car you will be able to return home with game meat!



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