Strong Points

Amazing territories

 High volume trophies every year

Professional and passionate guides

Hunting Period

September before 20th


4 days/5 nights starting at €1250  – traveling fees not included

Trophies based on shooting tax. Quotes available!


Priority on Red Stag, mature trophy, with volume and « pearls ».

Also on location : Wild Boar, Fox, Jackal


Deer belling season… A moment dearly awaited by hunters!

Experience a fantastic hunt for big deer trophies.

Gold Medal assured within 4 days of hunting.


Amazing territories
High volume trophies every year
Professional and passionate guides 

Your Trip

Main Information

Additionnal Information

Your Hunting Area

For a more than a decade, Hunting Pleasure keeps the same two territories located in the Southern part of Hungary. 

Rigourous animal management and shooting… a real guarantee of watching and hunting mature deers. 

Our location is situated 2h30 away from Budapest. 17,000 and 12,000ha entirely dedicated to deer hunting in September. 

Environment of plains, fields and small woodland. Relatively opened zones allowing a perfect vision in order to fully enjoy deer belling.

Our Pricing

‘’A La Carte’’ trip depending on your availabilities and wishes.

However, a classic trip of 4 hunting days and 5 nights: €1.250 per hunter.

Shooting tax depending on the animal. Quotes available on demand. During winter, for a selected fallow deer or abnormal trophies, with propose discounted formulas. Contact us.

Your Trip

For a tall and beautiful elk, we recommend 4 hunting days, 5 nights trip between September 1st and 20th.

Your hunting days will be determined following your needs and wishes.

Typical day : Quick breakfast at 5am. Your guide will be welcome you at your accommodation. Morning hunt (watch then stalk), second breakfast, free-time, nap or visits within the region, lunch around 2pm then afternoon hunt until dawn.

Hunted Game & Trophies

In September, during belling season, deer hunting always has priority.

In addition, after shooting your targeted elk, you will be able to hunt wild boar (600 boars on site), foxes and jackals (very present on location…).

Every year, our hunter friends shoot deers with trophies from 9 to 11+kgs… Hunting Pleasure is proud to have the 2016 deer record of 16.33kg (260 CIC pts) ! Average of trophy weight for last year: 10,45kg (230 pts CIC)

In Hungary trophies have the obligation to go through the official CIC Quotation Office. A guarantee in matter of both weight and pricing.

Most importantly, hunters return home with the trophy they originally wanted!


People with no desire to hunt with you are welcome, whatever the housing preferred.

The can follow the hunter during the hunt or will be able to go on location to take photos and fully enjoy deer belling. 

In the region, numerous pools, thermal baths during the day. Possibility to visit the Villány vinyard (best red wine in Hungary).

Your accommodation

For this trip, we have two different housings depending on your needs:

Hunting lodge directly on location. Friendly, clean and comfortable. Double or single bedrooms with private bathrooms.

**** 4-stars hotel with every service located 15 to 20min from the hunting grounds (additional fee).

Our formula is based on full-pension, beverages non-included, single or double bedrooms.


Budapest, pearl of the Danube River, is the Hungarian capital. This european city has a worldwide reputation for its beauty, welcome, but also its bathhouses. Downtown can be enjoyed on foot. Do not hesitate!


What to say except that on these two territories and for years, 100% or our hunters went back home with the deer they wanted. 

Previous clients’ references available on demand.

Country Information

Hungary is a relatively small country, divided in two by the Danube: great plains in the East, hills and woodlands in the West. 

Hungary is within the European Union but its currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). You can use a debit/credit card in most cases, but DO NOT change at the airport ( 20% more fees than banks change offices).

Climate is continental, warm and dry from april to october (can be very hot during summer!).

Firearms and Equipment

Firearm importation is easy in Hungary. No demand before departure is needed, you simply need you firearm registration card or government issued permit. If needed we can also rent firearms on location.

During mid-September, Hungary is quite sunny (15°C at night and 25°C during the day). Light hunting clothing gear is advised. Jackets and jumpers recommended for both early morning and night.

To get on location

By plane, Budapest is the destination. Multiple flights are available from within Europe to go to the Hungarian capital every day.

Low-cost companies WILL NOT allow firearms (except Easy-Jets). The typical flight from Paris to Budapest takes 2 hours.

In Budapest, you will be able to rent a car at the airport or use our shuttle to get you directly on your hunting site (2h30 drive from the airport).


Trophies 1st preparation is included in our pricing. 

However, if you want your trophy in a certain way, our taxidermist is available to your demands. (short timing, good quality/price ratio).



By clicking on the tab below, and answering all our questions, you will receive by email a personalized quote for your hunting trip.



A rigourous selection of our territorieS

A passionate and professional team

Professional and veteran partners

People listening and taking care of your every needs

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