Impressive animal density 

Trophies from 6 to 10 kg
Multiple Stags during the same trip
Wild Boars as well!

Hunting Period

From 5th September to 5th October


Starting at €840 for a 4 days – 4 nights trip


Red Stag, multiple if you want, but also a good number of wild boars…


Multiple beautiful territories

All of them located in the Western part of the country

The biggest Polish trophies!

Excellent animal density..


Impressive animal density
Trophies from 6 to 10 kg
Multiple Stags during the same trip
Wild Boars as well!

Your Trip

Main Information

Additionnal Information

Your Hunting Area

In the North-West of Poland, alongside the German border. Woodland grounds but also plains and marshlands ideal for belling season.. 

You will hunt essentially by stalking, morning and afternoon. Hunting stands available. The hunt is a mix of tracking and stalking, depending on your wishes. 

You will be able to observe a lot of deers and it is usual for our hunters to shoot multiple mature animals during their stay.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful hunting ground in Poland!

Our Pricing

4 days – 4 nights, price per hunter : €840  

(Are included, the hunt, guide, 8 outings on a 1×1 basis, translator, accommodation in double bedroom, full pension except beverages, licence and hunting insurance) 

Tourism and transportation not included.

Your Trip

For Stag, we advise 4 hunting days or more if you have the time. Within 4 days, you should have the time to shoot the desired animal and maybe more! Of course, results may vary depending on the weather and the hunt itself … 

Typical day: Quick breakfast at 5am – Your guide will join you at your accommodation – Hunting until 10am (depending on the weather and heat) – Back to your accommodation for lunch. Rest or tourism – Afternoon hunt until dawn – Dinner. 

Hunted game & Trophies

During belling season (5th Sept – 5th Oct.) priority is on elk. You will be able to observe multiple animals every day and select the one you want. 

Trophy weight will be depending on your choice and budget. Know that on this zone, you will be able to witness Stag ranging from 6 to 10kg! Shooting a “classic” Stag (5 to 7.5kg) is usual on our territories. 

Don’t hesitate to ask if you want to shoot boars too!


Observers will be able to accompany hunters but also enjoy from their accommodation services during the hunt.

Your Accommodation

All of our lodging are quality ones. Whether it be for the bedrooms or the food . We take a specific care to welcome you in the best conditions possible.. 

We will propose you different accommodations depending on your trip. 

Our formula is always with full pension, double or single bedrooms depending on your wishes, beverages not included.


As you will be located on hunting grounds the environment is beautiful but there are few touristic destinations.


Last year, during mid-September, all of our hunters shot 2 Stags each. Except one who shot down a 10kg Stag! 

Country Information

Poland is a known destination for hunting, especially for big game. Nature is beautiful, diverse and important. Polish people like to discover new people, visitors and to engage in conversation with them

You will be quite close to the Baltic Sea and the nearest city will be Szeczecin.


 L’importation de vos armes est relativement facile pour la Pologne.

Nous nous occuperons de toutes les démarches administratives. Il faudra juste nous transmettre
les copies de votre passeport ou CDI, permis de chasse, assurance et carte européenne d’armes
à feu (si vous venez avec votre carabine).

Le climat est continental. Beau, sec et assez chaud. Courant Septembre, 15-20°C en journée et
10-12°C la nuit. Affaires légères de chasse, bonnes chaussures… pull ou veste pour le matin et
le soir.

Pour vous rendre sur la zone

En avion, l’aéroport de destination le plus proche est Berlin en Allemagne. A Berlin, soit vous louez une voiture pour vous rendre sur la zone ou nous viendrons
vous chercher (avec un supplément financier).

En voiture, arrivée directement à votre hébergement. Que de l’autoroute, excepté les derniers


La 1ère préparation de vos trophées est incluse dans nos prix.

Néanmoins, si vous souhaitez votre trophée en cape, notre taxidermiste est à votre disposition
(délai court, bon rapport qualité-prix).



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