Strong Points

Plain stalk hunting, forest and marshlands, high animal density. Some zones are reserved for big trophies, especially during rutting season.

Hunting Periods

From 11th May to 30th June then end-July to early August 


Starting at €840 for 4 days – 4 nights


Wild boars and Foxes


Exclusive territories, amazing animals !

Mix hunt between plains and woodlands


Plain stalk hunting, forest and marshlands
High animal density. Some zones are reserved for big trophies, especially during rutting season.

Your Trip

Main Information

Additionnal Information

Your Hunting Area

Starting 11th May (opening day), our territories are located in the North-Western part of Poland, at the German border. Territories with flat rates, depending on the buck categories. Zones expanding to the Baltic Sea. 

These territories have an open environment: mix of agricultural plains and woodlands. Ideal for stalking.

Our Pricing

4 days – 4 nights, price per hunter €840

5 days – 5 nights : price per hunter: €990 

(Are included: hunting fees, translator, accommodation… your guide’s transportation and kilometers are not included).

Your Trip

All of our travels are based on a flat rate… duration depends on your availabilities and your wishes. Hunting season starts 11th May. 

However we advise a 4 days – 5 nights trip in order to maximize your chances to shoot the number of bucks desired. 

Typical day: Quick breakfast at 5am – Your guide will be waiting for you at your accommodation – Non-stop hunting until 10am – Big lunch back at your accommodation. Rest or touristic activities – Afternoon hunt until dawn starting at 4pm– Dinner. 

Hunted Game and Trophies

Mid-May, your hunt will be focused on the roebuck. You will observe a lot of animals and will be able to shoot down multiple ones. On average two to four bucks per outting. 

Most of the time, price is based on the buck’s category. In some cases, a flat rate is possible.


Observers are welcome to accompany hunters but can also profit for the Polish countryside or visit the Baltic Sea.

Your Accommodation

It will depend on the chosen territory and your group. 

Mostly within rural hotels, granting you comfort and spacious living! All of our accommodation have single rooms if wanted… 

Our formula is full pension, beverages not included.


A few touristic spots to visit, don’t hesitate to ask us!


Poland is one of the biggest European destinations for hunting, you won’t regret it!

Country Information

Poland is a known destination for hunting, especially for big game. Nature is beautiful, diverse and important. Polish people like to discover new people, visitors and to engage in conversation with them.

You will be quite close to the Baltic Sea and the nearest city will be Szeczecin.

Firearms and Equipment

Firearm importation is relatively easy in Poland. We will take care of all administrative procedures. If you decide to bring your own rifle, e will just need copies of your passport or ID, hunting permit, insurance and European Firearm License (if EU).

To get on location

By plane, the airport you wish to land at would be Berlin, Germany. Once in Berlin, you will be able to rent a car, or we can organize a vehicle transportation for you (not included)

By car, arrival directly at your accommodation, you will drive on highways except the last few kilometers.


Trophies 1st preparation is included in our price. 

For specific demands we can provide you with local taxidermist informations or you can take with you your trophies if you prefer your own taxidermist.



By clicking on the tab below, and answering all our questions, you will receive by email a personalized quote for your hunting trip.



A rigourous selection of our territories

A passionate and professional team

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