Strong points

Incredible density

Lots of shooting opportunities

for shooting lovers

Hunting Periods

November to February


Starting at €625 for 2 days – 3 nights


Roe Deers (female and young), Foxes,
Roebucks are forbidden


Unbelievable Roe Deer density… 

Herds with tens of animals running, stalking can be tough but intense….


Incredible density
Lots of shooting opportunities
for shooting lovers

Your Trip

Main Information

Additionnal Information

Your Hunting Area

In Hungary, strong roebuck density is present within the country’s plains, East of the Danube River. 

Cereal fields and plains, harvested during winter. You will then have to stalk within woodlands and marshlands… 

You will be able to hunt (depending on your requests and availabilities) either South or East. We have multiple zones with quotas above 1000 animals per year!

Our Pricing

 “A la carte” trip from 2 to 6 days. 

Our pricing is based on organization fees (guide, his vehicule, no kilometric fee, accommodation with full pension, beverages not included) and shooting tax depending on your results.

Examples: 2 days – 3 nights : €675 3 days- 4 nights : €875 

Each Roe Deer is between €40 to €50 depending on the amount shot. Roebuck forbidden and punishable.

Your Trip

You will decide on how many days from 2 to 6. 

During winter, days are relatively shorter, we advise a non-stop hunting day with sandwiches for lunch. 

Typical day: Big breakfast at 7:30am. departure at 8am. All day hunting with your guide. Back to your accommodation around 4pm.

Hunted Game

Roe Deer (essentially female), Roebuck season being closed.

You will be hunting with a guide deciding on which animal to shoot. Shooting distance can be quite big (200m+) so be sure to set your rifle! 

Depending on your wishes: 5 to 10 animals per day, can even go above 20 in a day! 


The hunter being on the field all day long, the only possibility for observers are to either join them or profit from the many various tourist activities.

Your Accommodation

You will have access to hunting lodges or countryside hotels. Full pension: Breakfast and dinner at your accommodation with a sandwich for lunch.


Budapest, pearl of the Danube River, is the Hungarian capital. This European city has a worldwide reputation for its beauty, welcome, but also its bathhouses. Downtown can be enjoyed on foot. Do not hesitate!


Un quota annuel de 1.000 animaux qui est réalisé tous les ans, cela sous-entend que les chasseurs sont nombreux, reviennent et apprécient ce séjour !

Country Information

Hungary is a relatively small country, divided in two by the Danube: great plains in the East, hills and woodlands in the West. 

Hungary is within the European Union but its currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). You can use a debit/credit card in most cases, but DO NOT change at the airport ( 20% more fees than banks change offices).

Climate is continental, warm and dry from April to October. January is the coldest month with daytime temperatures usually around zero, but in some cases winter months can be very cold with snowfall.

Firearms and Equipment

Firearm importation is easy in Hungary. No demand before departure is needed, you simply need you firearm registration card or government issued permit. If needed we can also rent firearms on location.

During mid-November-February, Hungary is quite cold (between -10°C and + 15°C during the day). Hunting clothing gear is advised. Jackets and jumpers recommended.

To get on location

By plane, Budapest is the destination. Multiple flights are available from within Europe to go to the Hungarian capital every day.

Low-cost companies WILL NOT allow firearms (except Easy-Jets). The typical flight from Paris to Budapest takes 2 hours.

In Budapest, you will be able to rent a car at the airport or use our shuttle to get you directly on your hunting site (2h30 drive from the airport).


No trophies for this trip.



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