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Hunting Pleasure was created by partners which have as passion to travel for hunting. We are only interested in original, exclusive and quality destinations.

All our trips, in particular in Eastern Europe, are free range hunts. With natural games !

HUNTING PLEASURE adhérent du fonds de garantie des Agences de Voyages qui garantit tous les clients quel que soit leur pays d’origine ou leur nationalité
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Hunting Pleasure is a hunting agency created by hunters for hunters.

We offer hunting trips at competitive prices in Europe and Africa. Whether you want to stalk wild boars or participate in driven hunts, hunt woodcocks in Scotland, geese in Hungary or large game in Spain, we provide you trips customized to your needs.
Accompanied by carefully selected guides as well as your dog or those of your guides you will make memorable bags on hunting grounds which offer exceptional hunts for wild game. With Hunting Pleasure you will enjoy unforgettable hunting moments.

If you choose our grouse or woodcock hunting trip to Scotland, you will also be able to hunt ducks and geese in winter – alone or in pairs, with or without your dog. Our hunting area of 5000 hectares of woods, fallow land, moors, pasture, groves and heath in Kerry offers the wonders of Ireland, the birthplace of woodcock hunting.
Deer lovers can stalk red deer in France as well as in Hungary during the rut or in winter. From the last days of September you can see rutting stags in the Pyrenees but also hunt chamois and enjoy a marvelous view on the Canigou.

In the area of Madrid we offer rough shooting for red-legged partridges and rabbits with trained dogs. The Iberian sun, the accommodation and the proximity of the hunting grounds will create ideal conditions for this pleasant and entertaining hunt. You can also shoot quails in the heart of La Mancha. The Spanish tradition of partridge driven hunts in La Mancha will provide your group an unforgettable hunting experience. A great part of the birds shot are wild partridges, although a lot of them are released in June or July. This trip includes 2 days of hunting, and a group of 4 to 10 hunters will harvest at least 300 partridges per day.

On our Namibian safaris a great variety of species can be hunted: warthogs, elands, impalas, oryx, springbocks, wildebeest, Bushnell's and Hartmann's zebras, giraffes, steenbok and many more. Only mature animals are hunted and 70% of the trophies are gold medal ones. Excellent quality and service are guaranteed at the Lodge.
Our main hunting destination is Eastern Europe, especially Hungary. We organize big game hunts (roebuck, roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and of course wild boar stalking) along with large wild boar and deer driven hunts in winter – always in open fields and at fixed rates.
Small game hunts – duck and geese shooting, walk-up pheasant hunts and large hare drives – are also available.

Whether in France, Europe, Eastern-Europe or Africa, our hunting trips are all carefully selected in order to give you entire satisfaction.

On our website you will find hunting videos giving you an idea of your destination as well as a photo section with numerous slideshows about our trips.