I wish it could be Christmas ROE BUCK everyday

Spring and its whimsical weather are fast approaching… Prepare now for a second Christmas! The Roe buck, this emblematic animal for many often-passionate hunters!

As every year, for more than 20 years now, our territories and our experienced guides will welcome you, from Romania to Poland, passing of course through the unmissable Hungary.

The roe bucks of Eastern Europe are waiting for you… Maybe you will have the opportunity to take a sensational trophy in 2023? weird head? A wig? a pendulum? or simply to hunt in beautiful territories, to see many animals and to collect those that your guides have selected for you.

The month of March will mark the scouting period… hoping to be able to send you beautiful photos of certain subjects from our territories.

Prepare your things because the opening is approaching: From April 15 for Hungary, then May 1 for Romania and a little later (May 11) for Poland.

The entire Hunting Pleasure team awaits you at the opening.

See you soon!