These General Conditions of Sale and Services, hereinafter referred to as GCS, constitute the agreement governing, throughout its duration, the relationship between ICC HOLDING KFT (HUNTING PLEASURE), hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider, and its customers, in the context of the sale of services.

Article 1: object

In the absence of a specific contract concluded between the service provider and one of its customers, the services provided are subject to the GCS described below. Any reservation made, as well as any contract, concluded with ICC (HP) says the service provider, implies the full and complete and unreserved adherence of the customer to these GCS. The fact that the service provider does not implement one or the other clause established in its favor in these conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver on its part to avail itself of it.

Article 2: Nature of the services

The company ICC HOLDING KFT (HUNTING PLEASURE) offers hunting stays supervised by local guides or sworn guides according to the specificities of each country but also of each stay. The service provider seeks for its customers: hunting territories but also accommodation and services. It also organizes, at the express request of its customers, tourist and cultural outings.

Article 3: Quote – Reservation – Voucher

The service provider intervenes at the express request of its prospects and customers.
Its pricing conditions vary according to the destinations and the services requested and desired. Only those accepted by the customer, those appearing on the quote sent by email to the customer and in his name will be taken into account for the commitment of the service provider.
This estimate will have, according to the destinations and the type of stay, a validity ranging from 20 to 90 days. The period of validity of the estimate is clearly indicated on it.
The service provider undertakes to include in the final estimate:

– The nature of the service (country, stay, duration, number of people, etc.),
– The price of the service at the time of sending the estimate, the duration of its validity, – The terms of payment, both deposit, balance and any additional services,
– The various optional services on which the customer can commit

After having read the general conditions and prices of the estimate, the various possible options, the customer must confirm, in writing or by email, his reservation and/or pay a deposit, the amount of which is indicated in the estimate.
The payment of the deposit is equivalent to the acceptance of the estimate but also to the acceptance of these GCS.

After the customer’s agreement, the service provider sends the customer a confirmation of the reservation.
This Document is called “RESA”. It includes all the details of the estimate, as well as all the details concerning the dates of the stay and the hunting territory(ies) as well as the details of the accommodation(s).

The validation of the reservation implies the full and complete and unreserved acceptance of the customer to these GCS.

The customer or the group of customers has the obligation to send by post or email to the service provider and this at least two months before the start of the stay (except in exceptional cases) all the documents requested by person to obtain the various formalities and documents necessary for the stay.

Failing this, the service provider cannot be held responsible for the possible cancellation of the stay and its liability cannot be engaged.
The transmission of any false documents to the service provider cannot bind the latter and the customer may be prosecuted legally and criminally for the dissemination of false documents.

Once the deposit has been received, a paid invoice is sent to the customer.
Between two and four weeks before the start of the stay, and once all the conditions mentioned above have been met, the service provider sends the VOUCHER to the client.
The Voucher contains all the details of the stay, all the pricing conditions, the amounts of the deposit(s) paid, the balance to be expected and their payment methods, the places and times of pick-up, the contact details of the ICC representative(s). (HP) and a reminder of the mandatory documents to be provided.
The forgetting, the loss at the last moment by the customer, of one of the essential and obligatory documents of the stay or the transport for the stay and therefore the cancellation of the stay or its return to a later date cannot be attributed to ICC (HP). The client alone will be held responsible and will have to bear any costs of modifications.

Article 4: Price changes occurring between the confirmation of the Reservation and the issuance of the Voucher (2 to 4 weeks before the start of the stay)

Depending on the destinations and the type of stay reserved by the customer, financial and economic fluctuations may unfortunately occur between the effective date of the reservation and the date of transmission of the Voucher.
A significant increase in the prices of fuels, cereals, Energy in general, raw materials, basic necessities, cannot be expected between the date of sending the reservation and the date of the stay.

Any additional costs, totally beyond the control of the service provider, may be claimed from the customer. They must be indicated and included in the Voucher.

These price increases will follow the price indexation given by the various stakeholders involved in the stay (hunting territory, accommodation, catering, transport, services, etc. State taxes)
ICC HOLDING (HUNTING PLEASURE) undertakes to inform you immediately, by telephone, email and/or in writing, and without delay of any price increases and therefore of the price of your stay.

In the event that the price increase does not exceed 10% of the final amount of the service (excluding direct debit taxes), at the time indicated in the reservation, no complaint or dispute from the customer will be accepted.
A cancellation by the customer, occurring on the grounds of “the refusal of this increase”, will incur for the latter, the pure and simple cancellation of the stay but also the complete loss of the deposit paid. No compensation or reimbursement of transport costs, in particular air transport, may be requested from the service provider.

In the event that the price increase exceeds 10% but does not exceed 25% of the final amount of the service (excluding direct debit taxes), at the time indicated in the reservation, the service provider undertakes to pay 50% of the additional cost exceeding the 10% previously indicated and the other 50% will be borne by the customer.
No complaint or dispute from the customer will be accepted.
A cancellation by the customer, occurring on the grounds of “the refusal of this increase”, will incur for the latter, the pure and simple cancellation of the stay but also the complete loss of the deposit paid.
No compensation or reimbursement of transport costs, in particular air transport, may be requested from the service provider.

Article 5: Methods of payment for general services for stays or package stays

All services and invoices of the service provider are payable without delay, upon receipt, minus the deposit where applicable.
Payment of the deposit is made by bank transfer to the credit of the service provider’s bank account.

For the balance of the services (excluding direct debit taxes), payment is made at the end of the service. By credit card, cash or bank transfer certified by the local ICC manager or service provider (HP).
No discount will be granted in the event of early payment.

Please note that trophy prices are calculated separately in some countries. Example in Hungary where an official CIC quotation is mandatory, a final statement will be sent to you (with deduction of any deposits paid). Payment by bank transfer or credit card upon receipt.

Article 6: Late payment

Any delay or non-payment will automatically result in:
– The immediate payment of any remaining sum due,
– The calculation and payment of a late payment penalty in the form of interest at a rate equivalent to three times the legal interest rate (in force on the day the services are billed).

This penalty is calculated on the amount excluding taxes of the sum remaining due, and runs from the day following the date of payment shown on the invoice or from the day of the end of the services, until its total payment, without any reminder or prior formal notice are necessary.

The applicable rate is calculated pro rata temporis.

Article 7: Cancellation

In the event that the client cancels or is obliged to cancel his stay, he must inform ICC (Hunting Pleasure) in writing, by post or email, in addition to a telephone call from him.

If the client is part of a group of hunters, he must also inform his group leader and/or his group that:
– Additional costs may be charged to other members of the group,
– The group becoming incomplete may be completed either by other clients of Hunting Pleasure, or by clients of the hunting territory.

The cancellation and non-replacement of people from the same group may, if the territory so decides, imply the pure and simple cancellation of the stay and the loss of the deposits of all the members of the group.
The result, in terms of hunting tables in particular, cannot be the subject of criticism or complaints if the group is incomplete.

The possible costs of cancellation of permits, insurance, accommodation, etc. can and must be borne by the members of the group for the missing persons.
The date of receipt of the email/letter will be used as the cancellation date for invoicing the cancellation fees.

Cancellation charges are calculated as follows:
• Cancellation of the stay, 90 days or more before the start date of the stay: No restraint. Full refund of the deposit paid.

• Cancellation of the stay, between 60 and 90 days before the start date of the stay: Deduction of 25% of the stay deposit + 50% reimbursement and 25% credit note to be used within 12 months from the initially planned start of the stay.

• Cancellation of the stay, between 59 days and 30 days before the start date of the stay: Deduction of 40% of the stay deposit + 20% refund and 40% credit note to be used within 12 months from the initially planned start of the stay.

• Cancellation of the stay, between 29 days and 48 hours before the start date of the stay: Deduction of 60% of the total price of the stay; Have 40% to use within 12 months

• Cancellation 48 hours before the day of departure: deduction of 100% of the total price of the stay.
In the event that the participant has taken out a cancellation insurance policy, the insurance guarantee will cover the payment of the cancellation costs minus the costs of the cancellation insurance.

In the event of force majeure, the service provider will study the case and propose an appropriate solution.

In the event of confinement or closure of the borders of the customer’s country of residence or the country of destination of the stay, in particular linked to the pandemic, the service

provider undertakes to postpone the customer’s stay to a later date without any financial loss (deposit fully preserved).
On the other hand, a new quote will be sent by the service provider to the customer with any price modification.

The service provider reserves the right to cancel stays and services in the event that the minimum number of participants is not reached, or special conditions relating in particular to customer safety, or weather conditions that are harmful or dangerous to maintaining the stay. or in any case of force majeure.
In these cases, participants will be fully reimbursed for the sums they have paid for the program without however claiming any compensation.
During a stay, the program may undergo modifications or adjustments depending on security requirements or the weather conditions of the moment. In this case, only the managers of the service provider or its service providers supervising the hunting activities are authorized to take the necessary decision(s).
If, due to external circumstances, the stay should be modified, the service provider will endeavor to offer a replacement trip.
The customer will be notified at least 30 days before departure and will have a period of 7 days from receipt of the information to accept the modified trip or end their reservation free of charge.

Article 8: Modifications by the customer of a stay already reserved

Any changes made by the customer after the service provider has sent the reservation and the payment of the deposit may be subject to price variations.
For each modification, a fixed administration fee may be charged: €50/modification plus any additional costs generated by the modification(s).

And especially :
Change of accommodation (change of accommodation category, room category, single/double, etc.),
Addition or deletion of hunting days, modifications to the course of the day(s),
Request for options not initially planned during the stay: Example organization of a daytime small game hunt during a goose stay,
Addition or deletion of accompanying person(s), non-hunter,
Modification of the number of dogs, if you come with your dog(s),
Request for PCR Test at the place of accommodation, etc…

Article 9: Interpreter – hunting assistant

The service provider offers either included in the service package or as an option, and this for most of its destinations, an interpreter and/or hunting assistant.
For the interpreter, he will be by your side at the important times of the day: reception on arrival at the accommodation or on the hunting territory, during hunting instructions, meals. But he won’t necessarily be with you all day.

The hunting assistant, meanwhile, will be present with you or with your group for the duration of the stay in the field or in its vicinity. He is also the one who will make the

accounts with you, and he has the power to stop the hunt if by chance your behavior or that of a member of your group proves to be inappropriate or inappropriate.

The request for an interpreter/hunting assistant, once on site (and if not provided for in the reservation and the Voucher), will be invoiced to you or your group on the basis of €150 per day, plus accommodation, meal and his journey to join you.

Any request for additional or additional services from the interpreter or hunting assistant may be invoiced to you. For example: visits, non-hunting trips and non-planned and included services. €40 per hour started + if travel €2 per kilometer.

Article 10: Travel – Air or road to get to and from the area of your stay

Unless there is a special and exceptional agreement, the service provider will take care of you either on your arrival at the destination airport in the case of a plane trip, or at your accommodation in the case of a car trip or rental of a vehicle at the airport.
It does not take care of the reservation and organization of the trip to the country of destination of the stay.

It is your responsibility to organize, yourself, your trip to the destination of the stay, the destination airport being clearly indicated on the reservation and the Voucher.
The service provider declines all responsibility in the event of a significant delay or flight cancellation that may influence or modify the program of your stay, both for the outward and return journeys.

The service provider cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of your weapon(s) at the airport of arrival. He will nevertheless make every effort to help you in your dealings with the airline.
He will organize, as far as possible, the rental of a replacement weapon, rental costs at your expense. In the event of late delivery of your weapon, the service provider will organize the travel to accommodation/hunting area AR airport and will invoice you for the costs incurred at cost price.

Under no circumstances, during air travel, and in the case of AR airport transfers – Service area, can the service provider be held liable, and no complaint will be accepted, nor any compensation requested in the event of mechanical incident on the road.
Any delay due to a stoppage of traffic during transfers made by the service provider on behalf of the customer cannot engage the responsibility of the service provider.

However, in the event of a significant delay preventing boarding on the return flight, the service provider will assist you in all procedures with the airline. Any costs for additional hotel nights or meals are not covered by the service provider unless there is a specific special agreement.

Article 11: Guarantees of results

ICC (HP) says the service provider is not bound by a guarantee of the results of your stay. It cannot guarantee you the success of the stay.

The service provider nevertheless has an obligation to provide services to which it undertakes with its customers.

Even if the service provider strives to select the best territories for its customers and to offer them stays that meet their expectations, it cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee a result.
Indeed, many factors must be taken into consideration, in particular the weather, the vagaries of migration, the health, the physical and mental condition of the hunter but also and above all their dexterity.

Article 12: Obligations, Confidentiality and Ethics

ICC (HP) says the service provider undertakes to:
– Respect the terms of the reservation contracts transmitted to its customers and to respect the services for which it is committed,
– Make every effort to ensure that the final results of the stays satisfy its customers.
The customer undertakes to:
– Comply with the directives given by his guide or by the territory and this in agreement on the services indicated in the reservation of the stay,
-Respect all basic safety rules. In the event of a breach, the service provider or even the local organizers may take immediate sanctions of temporary or permanent exclusion from the offender(s),
-Respect all the service providers who receive it: guides, hosts, guides, translators, drivers, etc.
– Under no circumstances attempt to appropriate, directly, and by any means whatsoever, the territories on which he hunts under penalty of immediate and definitive exclusion, -Show up with the necessary and appropriate equipment in relation to the chosen stay and the time of year (clothing, shoes/boots, weapons, ammunition, well-being of your dog), -Show up at the said departure time for the hunt, in a sober and benevolent state, under penalty of being excluded from the service of the day, or worse, of seeing the hunting day canceled both for himself and for his entire group.

In the event of an accident involving the injury of a member of the organization or a dog, to cover all medical or veterinary expenses related to these injuries (present and future expenses). In the event of the death of a dog, to financially and significantly compensate its owner.

-Respect and understand that he is no longer in his native country, and that culturally, certain achievements or habits are not necessarily obvious in other countries. (For Ex: tips, consumption of alcoholic beverages in certain countries…)
– Consider the number of ammunition fired both by himself and for his group of friends, before possibly criticizing the final result (table) of the hunting trip,

-Respect and take care of the weapon possibly rented,
-Respect the game and give it the honors with dignity to the animals taken,
– Participate in the search for any injured animals,
-Take care of the environment, and in particular to pick up its rubbish, casings and used cartridges.

-Ensure the obedience and good character of your dog. In the event of repeated disobedience that could disrupt the organization of the day and/or the final result, the dog(s) may be excluded from the organization of the day.

Article 13: Tips

Even if there is no contractual obligation, it is customary to leave a significant tip to the staff who surround and accompany the client during the stay.
The habits and customs are different depending on the destination and the type of stay. For information :

For accommodation and catering staff, in the form of a common pot, around €10- 15/day/customer,
For hunting staff, guides, team of trackers, dog owners, around 20/30€/day/client,
For the interpreter, around €25/day/client or group of clients, a little more if the group is larger than 6 clients,

For the hunting assistant, around 50€/day/client or group of clients, a little more if the group is more than 6 clients,
For a stay with collection of trophy animals, everything will depend on the trophy and your satisfaction with your care… around 5% of the value of the trophy.

Article 14: Civil liability and mandatory documents

For each client, and depending on the destination and the type of stay, the service provider will have legally taken out a hunting permit or license with specific insurance. Nevertheless, each client must present himself with his official documents, in particular his valid passport or identity card, his hunting license, and insurance, validation in progress, his European firearms card in the event that he comes with his weapon.

All these documents will have to be on him, permanently during all the stay in case of control.

For certain destinations, the service provider, before the start of the stay, sends the customer a letter of invitation allowing him to cross the borders.

ICC (HP) says the service provider cannot be held responsible for any damage or damage caused by the client during the hunting service.
Nevertheless, ICC (HP) has taken out general liability insurance for the organizer which may be taken into account in the event of failure or damage related to the organization.

Article 15: Disputes

These general conditions of sale known as GTC and the documents binding the parties (Reservation, Voucher) are governed by Hungarian law.
In the event of a dispute and in the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, any dispute and/or persistent dispute between the parties, both on the performance of the services described in the reservation and the Voucher and on the interpretation of the GCS, will be the jurisdiction of the courts of Budapest Hungary.