Namibia – Exceptional stay

Our 9th season of partnership with the BARNARD family – KALAHARI BUSH BREAKS – was once again crowned with success for all our hunting friends.

Despite the drought (unheard of in Namibia for 60 years), our large area (55,000ha) has been relatively spared. Additional water points have been created, food supplements distributed throughout the area.

The animals therefore suffered little from this unusual drought. Our hunters currently on site were once again amazed at the density of antelopes, in particular large Kudu, Eland, Oryx… Magnificent very large trophies were taken, particularly in Kudu. 62 inches…!

We welcome our hunting friends and their families in an exceptional lodge and you will be one of our twenty-five annual hunters, never again!

You will have the exclusivity of the territory during your entire stay. Two possibilities for the current season, between September and November. Stay for large trophy antelopes exclusively. And think now about the next season which starts in March.

We guarantee you a magnificent hunting stay, multiple and varied sensations. A relaxing stay to enjoy with family or friends

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