Our New Destination Armenia

Armenia opens up to hunting…Until now reserved for local hunters, certain areas have received authorization to welcome foreign hunters.Hunting Pleasure can now offer you its first hunting area within this wonderful country.


Tested twice and notably last March by a group of passionate waterfowl hunters, this destination has confirmed all its promises: High density of birds despite magnificent weather and high temperatures for the season, Varied species and many: a dozen different species were seen during this stay, Local guides who know their area and hunting techniques perfectly, A hunt in grandiose landscapes, A warm welcome and unpretentious but clean and more than adequate accommodation , And above all success for all of our 4 hunters.

The two main hunting seasons are:
The months of November and early December with the organization of mixed days: very long spent all morning hunting bartavelle, thrushes, quails in front of you with pointing dogs Then the end of February and March with days exclusively ducks and teal.

You will hunt two by two at the post. Never again. Four days of hunting – 5 nights for a standard stay. Stay for groups of 4 to 6 hunters. Direct flight from Paris.

Some improvements are planned for the coming season:
The creation of additional positions, Your guide with his boat permanently near each group of 2 hunters, The purchase of additional forms and ducks with rotating wings.

A magnificent waterfowl stay – To discover.
Information on 0033 6 50 25 13 58 and on info@huntingpleasure.com